Book 1

The city burns. Orange against black night. Over his left shoulder hangs a blood-red moon. A sickle moon. The stars are red, too. Four days and four nights, the city has burned. And soon, people will come into the desert to escape death in the city. Sick, hungry, the people will be crazy, killing anything to live. They will come out, in his direction. Hunting. Metal dragons in the distance, small shiny ships, exhale fire. He saw the ships and their death up close, four nights ago when he fled the house, fled the city. Man-made lightning.    Man-made storms.   Man-made death. ~

Overnight, the world has changed. A deadly virus thrusts the country into chaos. Barely escaping, a fifteen year old boy flees to the unforgiving desert to take his chances with thirst, starvation, and isolation. His greatest fears live there, as does the mysterious hope his grandfather gave him. Exposed and vulnerable, he comes face-to-face with his trepidation in the gripping tale of Edge Walker.

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Book 2

Darkness.   Running past trees that reach to grasp. Overhead a branch whistles, centimeters from contact. Evergreens and gnarled cottonwoods rise up, then fall away. A blood-red moon shines sickly light among the dark phantoms, the atmosphere thick as syrup. He pushes to get free. Malevolence, fused with darkness, lashes at his body and drives him on. Fear catapults him forward as adrenaline pulses through his veins. Panic blasts through every cell and gushes out his pores. A lighter shade of gloom appears, up ahead. An exit. He shoots for it, gains the opening in full sprint, and blasts out of the black forest. But the ground . . . it's gone! ~

Bae’s training has begun. The dark medicine man is out there and Bae’s been tasked with finding him. But how will he do this? He’s been told it’s for him alone to cast out the dark medicine man, whatever that means. After finding family and community in the unforgiving wilderness, he must now seek the lost and long-forgotten paths in order to fulfill his purpose in the second book of the Edge Walker Series, Into the Veil.

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